Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Some memories of Moscow May of 2009

      Ahhhhhh Moscow. What a town. The trip in 2009 was life changing (and I mean that very literaly).

               What occurred in the following clip was a very interesting experience indeed.


         With regards to our time there, David and myself had the chance to express the following:


Thanks a million to those who looked after us. Victor Petrov, thankyou for your guidance during this trip and also in September 2010. Your advice "Be Alive" still gives me much to reflect on even today. Andrei, thanks for the stick massage. Both occasions taught me new things about myself, and helped heal me just a little bit more...and yes the second time round is much better. Daniel Ryabko, thanks for an awesome day during our first trip, and thankyou for introducing me to Banya (Russian Bath House). And of course thankyou to Mikhail Ryabko...pretty much for everything.             


One last thing. When you make trips like this, remember to listen to your body. Remember there is only so much information your nervous system can integrate at one time. So pay close attention to yourself and know when to take a rest. Otherwise by the end of your trip you will look like this:

Until next time.


  1. Thanx for sharing this. I have plotted my trip to Moscow for 2012. Can't wait!

    Very interesting work from M.

    How would you describe it?

    From here it looks like a signal from above, let's you "boil" in there a bit, and then bang! - a relief but from another direction. Goodbye expectations :-)

  2. Had new realization some time ago. Vlad helped me confirm this today

  3. Hey Milos,

    Sorry for late reply. Tried replying on iphone but it wouldn't send my response.

    Basically I felt very safe, but somehow completely terrified at the same time.

    I have never been hit like that to that degree in my entire life. It was like getting smacked with a very large sledgehammer which shook my very being from head to toe. Whilst the very last one was like having the same feeling followed by an explosion in my torso which spread from the point of impact all the way up to my head and toes simultaneously, engulfing me until I could no longer stand.