Monday, 28 March 2011

My First Post

           My name is Justin Ho (far right). I am a Systema practitioner from Sydney Australia.

After studying Systema for some years I made a trip to Moscow in May of 2009. I was fortunate to be in the company of Australia's longest serving Systema Instructor, David Quaile (Far Left) of Bundaburg, Queensland. David has always been a good teacher and friend, as well as one of the most skilled and humble men I have ever met. He has always been active in sharing his knowledge and helping with growth of Systema in both Australia and New Zealand. He has been kind enough to guide me in my study of the System, and helped me to understand the lessons during our time in Moscow. During this visit I had the pleasure of meeting Mikhail Ryabko (Middle), and training at his school. The lessons I learned will last me a lifetime. I was fortunate enough to return to Moscow again in September of 2010. The lessons learnt from my second trip, for me, continued from the lessons of the previous trip. Once again; these lessons will last me a lifetime. And no doubt it will be a far better lifetime than if I had not had the chance to learn them.

It is now March of 2011. As I write this I am behind a computer in the city of Toronto, Canada, where I have come to continue my education by training with Vladmir Vasiliev and his senior Instructors. Since I have arrived I have been looked after the by the Systema community here, and have been overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of my Intructors and training partners who have been kind enough to help me on this journey. I begin this blog today hoping to share what I have learned, and will continue to learn with the rest of the Systema community (and anyone else) worldwide. Some posts may be longer, some may be shorter. My musings I hope will be interesting at least. After all mine is just the experience and perspective of one man. But I hope whatever I post may be of some use in helping you find yours....Perspective that is.

To all my friends, teachers, and training partners (and you all are essentially all of these things to me), who have helped me along the way;

 Thankyou. This blog is for you.

- Justin Ho


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  2. Justin, I wish you lot of positive experiences, clear thoughts and positive feelings. Good luck with your blog, expecting some texts soon.

    P.S. You have a typo in Vlad's last name.

  3. Proud of you Justin, keep it up!!! XX

  4. Hi Justin,

    not sure if you remember me but you mentioned your upcoming trip to russia during a seminar in Christchurch a while back. Just discovered your blog and I am glad you managed to make it.

    All the best in Toronto as well :-).


  5. Hello Alex,

    Of course I remember you!!!!! Russia was great and Toronto is also amazing. Loren was just here, and had an excellent time. Say hi to him for me when you see him back home :)