Sunday, 24 July 2011

Paradox, Analogies and Chaos....Just Be

Every time I learn a principle, I always find that somewhere along the line in a different situation the exact opposite is also true. To me the universal principle at play here is Paradox, and when learning Systema there are always many of them. I have found that when met with paradox, it is often good to just accept them as they are, when they present themselves. By all means explore and test them. But remember what is.....Is

One of my teachers here told me that the thing about analogies, is that they never completely reflect how things are always going to be. Analogies can be good to help people understand things, and the right one at the right time one can shave years off of training and slingshot your development exponentially. However an analogy is often only good at that specific time, place and context. At another time when the situation is different and you are in a different part of your life, the previous analogy may no longer apply, and a different one may be more appropriate. To say or do the right thing, in the right place at the right time is a difficult skill to learn. Almost a year ago when I asked how to learn to do this the response I got was "It's hard to learn to do this" :p

Last week (and at the right place and at the right time) somebody told a group of us something very important. Stop trying to control the chaos. Accept it for what it it is, and work off of it.

Just Be
Being human is an amazing phenomenon in itself. To be able to summarise or describe this is never a true reflection of what this is really is. Whether experiencing paradoxes, analogies in the moment, or chaos, just be. I was told a year ago by another Systema practitioner something which sat in my head, and has continued to grow and take shape for me ever since. Don't worry about getting it. There is no it to get. Just Be.

                     Also: Yes I'm aware of the haphazard format of this's late. Goodnight.