Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Russian Banya (Steam Bath) by Peter Scarselletti

Our Resident Health Practitioner, Peter Scarselletti, has just returned from a Systema training trip at the school of Mikhail Ryabko in Moscow. During his time in Russia, Peter was able to attend the Russian Bath house, Banya, which is a common but amazing health practice in Russia. Peter recently wrote a few words about this awesome experience which he was kind enough to share for everyone's benefit:

Russian Banya (Steam Bath), Systema Style. A brief run down, for the uninitiated:

Ok, I have experienced bath culture all over the world, including China, Japan and Hungary, but Russia takes the first prize. It was so different, but because it included Systema health practices and breathwork, it was particularly aimed at balancing the body, and it was particularly rejuvenating for the body, not just hanging out in a hot room.

1. Go to the Banya 
2. Debrief with Systema Instructors on how to do correct breath work in the extreme heat sauna and in the baptismal ice pool. 
3. Remove all clothes until you are butt naked 
4. Go into the Sauna, and use slow breath work until you cannot stand the extreme heat anymore, and then jump into the ice pool, and hold your head underwater for as long as possible, until you can't anymore, resurface and do quick burst-breath-work, until you come to terms with the ice water, then back into the Sauna. 
5. Repeat, repeat, repeat. 
6. While in the sauna, get whipped with Birch and Oak Tree leaves all over your body, get massaged and smacked all over your body with an open palm, including your inner thighs to boost sexual function, get stretched and musculo-skeletally adjusted, and get pummelled with a rubber mallet down the whole length of your spine. 
7.Finish with a nice cup of herbal tea! 
8. And if you're really lucky, end it all with a Systema Whip Massage.........

About the Author:

Peter Scarselletti is a Sydney based Acupuncturist, Meridian Therapist and Chinese Herbalist. He is also the Director of Qiology, a company located in Sydney that provides premium acupuncture and herbal services, sells energetic medicine and health products, provides industry seminars and community based education concerning alternative health.

His qualifications are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Sydney
  • Certificate of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing
  • Certificate of Manaka Acupuncture Protocols, Sydney
  • Certificate of Toyohari East Asian Needle Therapy, Gold Coast
  • Certificate of Mitsui-Onnetsu Therapy, Narita
  • Certificate of Far-Infrared Onnetsu Therapy, New York City
  • Certificate of Shinkiko Therapy, Tokyo
  • Certificate of The Dorn Method, Sydney
  • AACMA Accredited Member
  • Registered Toyohari Practitioner

Peter has been recently certified by Mikhail Ryabko as an instructor in the Applied Methodology of Systema Principles to Health. These practices are utilised and taught to people in the form of breath-work and exercises to balance their bodies. Peter is also the first Australian resident to been trained to administer the famous Systema Ryabko Russian Stick Massage which he will be offering as a health service to the public in Sydney, Australia commencing in November 2013.

For more information please visit Peter's website: http://www.qiology.com.au/ 

For those in Sydney wishing to book an appointment with Peter:
Mobile: +61 405 044 576
Email: info@qiology.com.au

Thank you Peter for sharing your experience with us.....

Justin Ho
Principal Instructor
Systema Sydney Russian Martial Art


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