Sunday, 27 October 2013

Antisocial vs Asocial Violence

The following is a very interesting read concerning the difference between Antisocial Violence (Avoidable, survivable, solvable with social skills) and Asocial Violence (lethal, unaffected by social skills, requires decisive action). 

The above extract is from the text How to Survive the Most Critical 5 Seconds of Your Life, by Tim Larkin and Chris Rank-Buhr.

About the Authors:

Tim Larkin is a world renowned master close combat trainer and the founder and creator of the personal protection system called Target Focussed Training (TFT). During the Last 20 years he has trained elite military and law enforcement units such as the US Navy SEAL teams and Army Special Forces, as well as corporate and civilian clientele around the world. 

Chris Ranck-Buhr began training in 1985 and commenced teaching in 1990. In that time he was heavily involved in the development and perfection of the TFT curriculum. In addition to training thousands of people in the TFT System he has overseen the training of 44 Cadre Instructors (3 year program), 7 of whom achieved Master level (10 year program).

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