Monday, 10 June 2013

Systema Strikes - Keeping the Trust

I came across this today. A clip of one of the French Systema Groups during their time in Mikhail Ryabko's school in Moscow. About 40 seconds into the clip one of the English speaking Instructors, a gentleman named Aslan Guseynov begins to teach a French Systema Practitioner about strikes.

During a training trip to Moscow in May of 2009, Aslan was one of the Instructors who looked after David (Quaile) and myself. He was already very skilled back then, and from what friends have told me he has progressed even further under the tutelage of Mikhail.

I love how he teaches striking, progressively and with a lot of care to build, not to damage the person's Psyche. He explains and demonstrates the need to understand how much a person can take, and understand how much to give him in the strike so that you don't destroy the person.

This type of training allows the partners to Keep the trust between them, when they strike each other... This is so important.

At the end of it, the gentleman being struck looks so Alive!!!

This looked like it was a good experience for everyone involved.

Justin Ho
Principal Instructor
Systema Sydney Russian Martial Art

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